Launch Successful Private Label Brand






1. LLC / LTD Company Formation
2. Government Documents Details.
3. Brand Registery
4. Prerequisites to start Amazon Selling
5. Amazon Professional Account Creation
6. Budget sheet
7. Introduction to Amazon
8. Models of Amazon’s Marketplace
9. Legal Law & Rules in United States / United Kingdom
10.Account Creation Process
11.Documentation Guide
12.Q&A Session
13.Practice/Implementation Session live

1. Amazon Product Hunting Strategies
2. Product Designing and Analysis
3. How to get UPC and Patent of Product
4. Gated and Ungated Products
5. C
6. Profitability margins Calculations and ROI.

7. Tools Introduction
8. Manual Hunting Process
9. Amazon Shipping methods FBA & FBM
10.Q&A Session
11.Practice/Implementation Session live

1. How to Do Product Listing
2. What is Keyword Research
3. Optimization of Product Listing
4. How to make relevancy sheet
5. Analysis of Competitors
6. Utilization of Tools
7. Product Photography and Videography
8. Product Listing Photographs, A+ and A++ Content
9. How to Design Storefront
10.Q&A Session
11.Practice/Implementation Session live

1. Product Sourcing Platforms & Local Platforms
2. Suppliers Criteria
3. How to find supplier with good deal
4. Sourcing Strategies
5. Sourcing from local authentic distributors
6. Sampling and Inspection
7. Q&A Session
8. Practice/Implementation Session live

1. Product Sales advertising & Growth Strategies
2. Pay-per click Techniques for Growth
3. Outside platforms for Marketing
4. Q&A Session
5. Practice/Implementation Session live


1. Tips and Tricks
2. Practical Assessments
3. 4 weeks for hands on practice and implementation
4. How do find Clients

5. Lifetime Mentorship
6. Store Building Tips and Strategies
7. Opportunity to get Premium Membership of eLearning Trainer YouTube Channel for Recorded lecture.
8. Bonus Lectures for KSA & UEA Markets for MPL