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Product sourcing is the process by which a business attains stock to sell. To find marketable inventory for your online store, you can explore manufacturers, wholesalers, artisans and other types of creators and businesses who produce merch for sale.

Here Mr, Shakeel Ahmed is going to discuss How to hunt good supplier for your B2B and B2C platforms.

Mr. Shakeel Ahmed is the Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O) of eLearning Trainer, Solotravelar and ELT Assistance. A well reputed founder of multiple businesses.

He is a passionate tourist and frequent traveler; sharing his personal experience about local culture, activities, traditions, visited places, unique food items and handicrafts. He has visited Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, England, Turkey, Cyprus, Italy, Pakistan, Malaysia, London, Paris, Dubai, Abu Dhabi China and the journey still continues.

Being a frequent traveler he has managed to create strong business relations in multiple countries, providing sourcing solutions for businesses worldwide for more than 15 years. With his great sourcing skills and well-experienced group of team members, he is providing services as sourcing agent in more than 15 countries through the platform of ELT Assistance. Majorly focused countries are China, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Dubai, Italy, Turkey, England and Pakistan.

He is one of the leading eLearning and IT mentor, Competitive Freelancing Trainer, Leading Amazon B2B and B2C Consultant (working in most competitive markets like UK, USA, KSA, UAE and many more) and a seasoned distance learning educational consultant having LMS professional training expertise.

Seminar on Career & Freelancing Oppertunities

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Seminar on Career and Freelancing Opportunities at University of Wah. Our speaker is Mr. Shakeel Ahmed.

Mr. Shakeel Ahmed is a passionately curious IT professional who is currently working in the Ministry of Higher Education, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

He is affiliated with the Deanship of eLearning & IT at Jazan University, He is an experienced official trainer who is involved in repetitious process of the Learning Management System (Blackboard), for the foreign personnel of Jazan University.

He is one of the leading eLearning & IT mentors, Competitive Freelancing Trainer, Leading Amazon B2B and B2C Consultant (Working in dominate markets USA, UK, KSA, UAE) and a seasoned educational consultant having LMS professional training expertise.

He strives to enhance the knowledge of people around the world in different fields of IT by providing professional guidance, awareness of different software, constant technical support, organizing different workshops, provide effective presentation skills, freelancing, ecommerce and digital literacy.